Jeff Jamison
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Dec 1, 2020 at 8:24 PM
Oct 11, 2001
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Oct 18, 1967 (Age: 53)
Aliquippa Pa
maintenance at school district,and hvac work

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Jeff Jamison

Lives in an IH Dealership, 53, from Aliquippa Pa

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Viewing thread Scout II axles on 800, Dec 1, 2020 at 8:24 PM
    1. Burke Limbach
      Burke Limbach
      Looking to have some seats reupholstered on my 79 scout II. I hear you’re the man to talk to. How do I get in touch?
    2. Perdido
      Jeff, good morning. I’m working on my sons 1974 Scout II and it will need seat covers when I get to that point. Do you make reproductions with the plaid inserts? I’ll need front buckets and rear bench. Thanks, Perdido
    3. 1973travelall
      Good morning Jeff, another IH guy looking for help with fabric/material! I have a 73 Travelall as my name suggests and looking for the sage sporty fabric for it and the deluxe carpet in the rear. My front seats both need the bottom pad fabric as the drivers has a rip and the passengers is discolored.
    4. beltguy
      Hi Jeff
      It appears that you sell upholstery kits for our trucks. As you can see in my avatar, I have a 59 BC-150 which uses the standard B series cab for those years. I am interested in getting a plain black upholstery kit for the bench seat. If you do not make/sell such a kit, do you know where I can find something. The padding seems to be fine.
    5. Agent Orange
      Agent Orange
      Hi Jeff,

      Do you sell factory reproduction seat covers ready to install for a 69 Scout 800A?
    6. Mosaicandy
      Hi Jeff, I had the darndest time trying to figure out how to DM you so I resorted to Fb friend requesting you. Then I realized I wasn't logged in. I would like to get a quote from you for a rear bench seat cover for my scout 2. (I just became an owner and member of this forum last week) what's the best way to connect with you?
    7. scoutjason
      Jeff, you mentioned a crossmember-mounted 4WD indicator lever on 60's pickups/travelalls in a post a few years ago on the topic. My '73 Dana 20 does not have provisions in the shift rail to add a switch, so I'm interested in mounting something external like that. Do you happen to have any pictures of that setup from yours? Thank you.
    8. guthrie1068
      Jeff, I need front and rear seat covers for a scout ii with a bench seat in front. How do I get ahold of you to discuss details?
    9. 208scout
      Do you still do seat covers? I need a split bench and back seat for a scout ii, how much for just marine grade
    10. JAsmith59
      Jeff, Thanks so much for all the parts, tech advice, and help. I finally finished getting my brakes all back together and working properly , appreciated you taking time out of your day
    11. JAsmith59
      Jeff Im not sure how to message you... so I will leave this here .I live in Ohio and am interested in those drums, backplates , ect .. if you could call me I would really appreciate it
      567-267-8449 . I am usually up until 9 PM and get up about 4AM . I am retired so any day is good .. hope to hear from you
    12. 1965trod
    13. Jeff Dollar
      Jeff Dollar
      Good morning. I am starting a project on a 1978 IH Scout II. Looking for front and back seat covers, blue plaid. Thanks.
    14. mr. stone
      mr. stone
      I have a 1976 international loadstar binder. I am having trouble with the ignition. I have replaced all of the ignition components except the key switch and the starter. When I switch the key on I am getting 12.6 volts at the starter but when I bump it it drops to 10.2 volts. I am also only getting 10 volts out of the key switch on the ignition side. I am at my wits end what could it be.
    15. Wade Z
      Wade Z
      Thanks Jeff. The reason I ask is because I have a 75 scout. It drove OK with stock tires. I put on 33's and it started walking around on me. Then I had a shop replace the ball joints as I didn't have time. Now it is just plain dangerous to drive. .
      1. Wade Z
        Wade Z
        Where did you get the 1-3/4 sleeves? I only found 1-1/2 or less. I want to get this thing back to zero or positive camber.
        Dec 13, 2017
    16. jdassler
      Hi Jeff,
      Do you know off hand the bolt spacing for a 74-75 D bench seat?
      1. Jeff Jamison
        Jeff Jamison
        no I don't
        Nov 22, 2017
    17. Wayne Hess
      Wayne Hess
      Hi Jeff, would you have a nice front chrome bumper for a 1970 1100D that you would willing to sell?

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    Oct 18, 1967 (Age: 53)
    Aliquippa Pa
    maintenance at school district,and hvac work
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    married with 2 girls age 16 and 20

    IH's of course and HO scale trains


    Jeff Aliquippa Pa
    75 200 series travelall,392 barn door 4x4,73 travelette(summer daily driver,camper toter sold)73 travelall(show truck sold)
    68 travelall(20 years into ground up no end in sight)85 bus(moble shed) 64 scout 80(daughters,sold) ,79 glass traveler(wifes sold)74 scout (4 inch lift,winter driver) 73 1/2 top 2 wheel drive(amandas sold) 1970 Pontiac Catalina 45,000 miles(Sarahs)more to be added when found
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