jeff campbell
Jan 8, 2003
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Sep 26, 1958 (Age: 61)
buy & sell ihc vehicles

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jeff campbell

Lives in an IH Dealership, 61, from lima,ohio

    1. BJRoss
      Harmonic balancer for v8
    2. robeastunder
      D series Travelall Roof Bows....the plastic ones i have a junk and broken from PO..have any?
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        I think a few ??
        Aug 29, 2019
    3. Willy K
      Willy K
      Hay Jeff I had a post asking how many of the. Rpt intakes were made figured if anyone knew you would be the guy
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        Not me. No idea. I think only a few 100 ?. Jeff ismails or John Clancy could tell. You. Jeff had them made.
        Jul 18, 2019
    4. Roy Donathen
      Roy Donathen
      Photo is hard to see top end of strip. Is it rusty or just dark photo?
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        Roof slats.just dark
        Aug 22, 2018
      2. Roy Donathen
        Roy Donathen
        ok, not rusty, you have my zip. Could you estimate shipping? I'm leaving for work now so I won't be able to respond until 9 pm tonight.
        Aug 22, 2018
        jeff campbell likes this.
    5. Roy Donathen
      Roy Donathen
      zip is 78028
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        Fed ex $31.66.
        Aug 23, 2018
    6. lonnie427
      do you have any model 80 hood hinges i could buy? lost mine... pls advise, thanks.
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        I sure dont.may have a pair on a 800 ?
        May 27, 2018
    7. lonnie427
      hi jeff- how should i go about saving the stuff at the JI site? pls advise, thanks.
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        Hey mr.

        I'm not real sure? I guess you can just download each page to your computer . Document it all so you know what it is. Be a shame to see all your info go up in cyberspace if JI goes down. Which it sure looks like its gonna happen. He done stated he can't afford it anymore.
        Feb 27, 2018
      2. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        Feb 27, 2018
      3. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        On here we all use the inbox to pm each other. Conversations is what they call it.
        Feb 27, 2018
      yes I'm very interested
    9. pinkston.jon
      Hey Jeff,
      I'm working around Lima currently. You happen to have any S2 parts? I'm getting ready to start a resto on my '79.
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        i have some, just depends on what your looking for. i have stuff scattered around in a few different bldg's. i have 1 S2-'73 i been parting out. what kinda work are you doing.?
        Apr 2, 2017
      2. pinkston.jon
        It's been sitting about 10yrs so It's gotten pretty rough. I need full gauges (would prefer the 120mph speedo), hood, right fender, right quarter skin, both rear caps...for starters. My S2's down in TX & I'm working so much I hope to find a reliable shop to send it to, but figured I could start gathering parts.
        Apr 2, 2017
    10. bjornebraten
      Hi Jeff ! I find an old topic about a gas tank you had for sale. I am looking for a passenger side gas tank 16 gall. with filler cap on the driver side. My passenger gas tank is changed to some crazy homemade thing
    11. Wayne Hess
      Wayne Hess
      Hi Jeff,
      My email address is Would you have a set of Dog dish hub caps that would fit my 15" rims on my 1970 1100D?
      Im also looking for a rear drive shaft from my 4 speed to the Dana 60-2 .
      Thanks for your help.
    12. Detroitable
      Hi Jeff, you said you might have an drivers side axle and hub for a Dana 27? What would you like and when is a good time to come pick it up?
    13. nickprutsman
      Jeff, How soon are you manufacturing aluminum tanks?
      1. jeff campbell
        jeff campbell
        prolly going to be in the next few month's.
        Aug 10, 2016
    14. michael e. caffrey
      michael e. caffrey
      Jeff, In my search about 74-75 4X4 drive shafts, I read one of your posts which said you had one of the short shafts from a 74-75 D Series trucks. As you know the 74-75 shafts are shorter than the previous ones before they changed the engine mounting. This is the shaft from 4 speed to 205 T-case. If you can help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Mike
    15. Wilf Blowers
      Wilf Blowers
      good morning I have a 57 a120 travelall. Do you know how common this model was and how difficult is it to get parts?
    16. 1310monster
      Hey you know how to get in touch with Bill Appleby? I lost his business card and I need to get in contact with him before the nationals.
    17. mikeh
      Was told in a post that you might have a 404 gas engine from an IH heavy truck. I am not sure of the differences, if any, between light and heavy truck engines, but apparently this is not the same as the SV engines. I believe the engine is an MV-404-104623 from an S-724 dump truck. Let me know what other info you might need.
    18. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      kool man,go get it.
    19. Jeff Melber
      Jeff Melber
      I got another scout! It's a 78 traveler. Got it from 78Bowman. He's my nephew. I traded him a 91 Yamaha Blaster. The scout is a 345 auto, d20. Need to go get it.
    20. Lava
      yeah happy bday
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    Sep 26, 1958 (Age: 61)
    buy & sell ihc vehicles
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    ihc dealer offspring

    hunt,fish,work on ih's



    " i'm a man, i can change if i have to. I guess so " jeffoh-'71-1210 t'all-'74-150 t'all-'69-1100-4wd-all- t'all/..'73 1010 wagon master (soon to be a 1110 4WD).. " "
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      68 Travelall - RMIHR July 04
      still got the '69-1200 outback,2wd,345, family an i (mom & dad) took to montana in '74,w/jayco 26' camper,looked just like your's.jeff,very nice truck!
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