George Womack
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Oct 1, 2020
Oct 13, 2001
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Jan 17, 1956 (Age: 64)
Terlingua, TX
Retired in 2003 from Houston Symphony Orchestra

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George Womack

Y-Block King, 64, from Terlingua, TX

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Oct 1, 2020
    1. Zeke800
      Hello George... I just bought the mock up case for the OAP Hurricane for my Scout 800. Just wondering how loud/noisy have you found this component since its installed inside the cabin?
      1. George Womack
        George Womack
        Zeke, I've been away and just saw your message. I don't find the fan to be loud at all. I've never given it any thought. It doesn't seem any louder than any normal A/C system.
        Jul 3, 2020
    2. sexual_sushi
      Thanks for your write up on the AC install. Im about 1/2 through the process. How did you go attach the new drain pipe to the evaporator? As far as I can tell it is abs plastic and I can only find pvc elbows the right size so plastic welding will not work. I asked them about relocating it when I ordered, but they had no idea what I was talking about.
      I’d be interested in what you did and what parts you used.
      1. George Womack
        George Womack
        If I remember correctly they just sent me the correct fitting with my system.
        Jun 20, 2019
    3. Mark Aycock
      Mark Aycock
      George, how many wires should be attached to the S terminal on a remote solenoid?
    4. 66Scout
      George, great write up on installing AC in the scout 800. I have a 66' 4 cylinder and looking to do the same. I have a question regarding the second compressor. I was going to eliminate that in exchange for a power steering pump. What are your thoughts here. Thank you!
    5. ian choplin
      ian choplin
      Hey George. I just dug up an old thread of yours detailing an electronic CVR you built for S2's. Is it still working? Notice any issues with ambient temps slowing it down?
      Hope all is well
    6. Steve Weddle
      Steve Weddle
      George, I just picked up a 1980 Scout with the sd33 turbo. What challenges do you envision for an ac installation? I am in OK and work in Dallas. I too have reached out to the Ft. Worth guys but they didn't return my email. I will follow your lead and call the contact in your post.
    7. Mark Williams
      Mark Williams
      George, it was good to meet you the other evening at the Star Light. After lurking for some time, I decided to register with Binder Planet. When I get the Scout down here I'll let you know - maybe you could check it out next time at the Star Light and let me know what you think?
    8. ski5070
      George, I'm new to this,... but maybe you can direct me to the right place.
      I have a 59 metro mite that I'm having troube setting the timing on. Who can I ask about it?
    9. nherndon6819
      george, our opinion on aluminum intake vs the heavy steel one on a scout 800...i can put either one on
    10. Brian Tucker
      Brian Tucker
      Happy Birthday George!
    11. WiredRight
      Hey, Happy B-Day George
      Just had mine the other day...boy getting old sucks eh? :-)
    12. Tom Alex
      Tom Alex
      Planning to buy some good shocks for my 77 SII and am thinking about Ranchos. I want some heavy duty or large bore type that will hold up well on these bumpy roads. Not too stiff but sturdy. Can you suggest a brand other than Rancho or a particular Rancho series?

      I am also getting ready to do the bushings and shackles on the 77 maybe sometime later in January or February. Can I still get with you at your shop and use your lift?

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    Jan 17, 1956 (Age: 64)
    Terlingua, TX
    Retired in 2003 from Houston Symphony Orchestra
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    I grew up on a farm in central Illinois where we had all IH tractors. As a kid I developed a love for all things mechanical.

    Building and wheeling Scout 800s (currently have five). Wrenching and riding my 1982 Harley Electra-Glide (272,000 miles so far!)


    Yellow Scout: 1967 Scout 800 4X4, 196, T-19 wide, Dana 20 w/ 3.15:1 Tera Low gears, Dana 44s , SOA, RS, Detroit Locker rear, Lock-Right front, 4.56 gears, 33X10.50, custom air conditioning, Travel-Top, full roll cage, Electric power steering
    White Scout: 1967 Scout 800 4X4, 196, T-18, Dana 20 w/ 3.15:1 Tera Low gears, Dana 44s, SOA, RS, Grizzly Locker rear, Lock-Right front, 4.27 gears, 33X10.50, no top or doors, Electric power steering
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