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Sep 22, 1962 (Age: 58)
Ridgeway, SC
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    1. Thomas G
      Thomas G
      I'd like to check out your "my scout" link but it is broken. I am also considering the 6.5 in a serious way. I have a '73 w/ a T18, and want to stay manual, can I keep it (and the rest of the drive train intact)? Will the T19 mate with my current TC? What motor mounts did you use, just the chevy and a little fab? What was your total cost of swapping? Thanks,
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    Sep 22, 1962 (Age: 58)
    Ridgeway, SC
    Network Administrator for US ARMY
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    Montana born and raised. Forced to live outside the Bigsky Country by Uncle Sam.

    Hunting, Fishing, Diesel, Dirt, Trucks


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    • 1980 IHC Scout II Diesel T-19, 3.73, Hand Throttle, Glow Plug Relay, OBA, OBW, 6.5 Fuel Filter w/ Heater & Water in Fuel Sensor My Scout
    Friends don't let friends run Spicer Angle Link clutches (Rattle Links) in Diesel Scout's. ;)

    You're as cornfused as a cow on AstroTurf. :yes:
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      SD33 OBA and OBW
      Brad, Thats a GMC/Chevy 6.5TD fuel filter rated @ 5 micron it also has a fuel heater and a water sensor in it. I still have the canister oil filter if you look in the diesel forum there is a list of the different oil filters they can still be found, but you have to plan ahead. To fix the issue long term there is the spin on adapters John Donnelly designed the best one it uses the power stroke filter, the other one is the Nissan spin on adapter, but the filter it uses is had to find at times to (there is a post in the diesel forum listing all the cross references of that filter too. I'm going to go a different route with mine I am going to replace my factory oil with a air oil cooler in front of the radiator and then mount a remote mount filter and a bypass oil filter. Mine reasoning is to use the same filters as my 97 GMC 6.5TD. Carey