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Hamilton Fuel Injection

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Bill USN-1

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Sep 17, 2019 at 6:35 PM
    1. Mustang
      i have a couple of tb i questions for you. I have a 95 chev y tb I at the shop that is not getting any injector pulse. Will a bad map sensor cause this.My second question is, I have an 88 or 89 suburban back home with a tb I 350. Can I get everything I need to do my 304 scout off of this except the modified distributor ,adapter plate, and 02 bung?
      1. Bill USN-1
        Bill USN-1
        on the 95, no.
        Must have spark to have injector pulse. Check codes for a 42, test ignition module, check fuses.
        General questions can be posted in the forum.
        There's a parts required FAQ in the "start here" thread that has a junkyard shopping list as an attachment.
        Jun 12, 2018
    2. Scout61
      Bill, how long has this site been around about if you know?
      1. Bill USN-1
        Bill USN-1
        Binderplanet has been around over 10yrs.
        It was an off shoot when binderbulletin was sold.
        Oct 13, 2017
    3. Deano1
      I have a 1983 chevy 6.2 It ran good for awhile then one day I had it running and I could tell it was starving for fuel . Every time I open the top it gives fuel down a little jet in back right corner of ip. Then will run a little while again.
      1. Deano1
        The little jet has a small wire that go's thru the hole looks like a staple bent on each end. Does that belong?
        Jun 13, 2017
      2. Bill USN-1
        Bill USN-1
        I'm not sure what your referring to.
        Can you make a regular post in the tech forum and include a picture or two?
        Jun 14, 2017
    4. DYelton
      Hi Bill, I have a 75 Scout II I am getting ready to drop a 392 in w/ a DUI-HEI distributor from IH Parts America, I'd like to go TBI. I considered a Fast EZ-EFI system but read that these need a Tach input, a feature HEI's do not have. Are you aware of a functional work around for this? Or can you tell me if the TBI Fuel Injection System sold on IH Parts America website would work with this distributor? T/Y, Dave
    5. daniel mcneil
      daniel mcneil
      HI Bill,

      I emailed my file to you a few weeks ago and I have not received a response. I thought the perhaps my emails were going to your spam so I am trying here on the forum. I sent the file via on October 5th if that helps to locate it.

      Thanks for your efforts

    6. skippy597
      Hey Bill,
      I am in desperate need of your help with my tbi on my 1987 K5. I started a forum over on pirate 4x4 with your name in the title. If you could take some time and read it and give me some recommendations that would be great.
      1. Bill USN-1
        Bill USN-1
        Can you copy and paste it in the injection forum here? I tried to log on to pirate but can't remember my log in.
        Aug 1, 2016
      2. skippy597
        Got it and done!
        Aug 1, 2016
    7. joshuaelliott.2003
      Morning Bill, how could I get a set of those smog pump air injector rail plugs you made? Talked to my IH buddy Levi in TN and contacted SSS, no joy. Any help appreciated and have a good day.
      1. Bill USN-1
        Bill USN-1
        I'm so busy with the EFI I'm not sure when I can get back to making the plugs. Maybe this fall.
        Jul 29, 2016
      2. joshuaelliott.2003
        Could you provide the specs/lengths and I can chase it here? Thanks for the help.
        Jul 30, 2016
    8. Crockett
      Bill- new to the build site and before I stroke a check for a scout II project, would really appreciate the opinion of someone having lived this stuff. Would you have a minute to talk to a previous IH owner looking for a project to work on with his son?
      1. Bill USN-1
        Bill USN-1
        You can give me a call at 3609692925
        Jun 26, 2016
    9. Matthew Bretz
      Matthew Bretz
      Has anyone tried to fit a NP435 to the IH 345 V8? and if so does someone make an adapter? I have a Dana 20 transfer case and have found the adapter for that to the NP 435 from Novak But can not seem to find anything for the engine
    10. Greg R
      Greg R
      Hey Bill, Having a little difficulty with the new board. I don't see threads or posts after I reply to them, even after clicking "New Posts. I only get to them through the alerts selection. The OP can reply, but I don't see them anymore. Tips?
    11. CasaBus
      Hi Bill, I just bought a 1993 IH/Thoma bus with s DT360 with Allison trans, about 100K miles. I am flying to PA next week to drive the bus to CA. Can you recommend a source for service/repair info and is there anything that I need to check prior to and during the trip? The previous owner replaced fluids and belts on the motor and installed a new fuel filter and provided a new spare filter.
    12. binderbird
      Hi Bill, Binderbird here. Hey I need a set of front springs for the Binderbird. The springs I installed on the second build in 1998 are 76 scout with 345. The old springs I had in it and are what I need now are the scout II with the 6 cylinder. I am thinking the 6 cylinder springs are lighter and give me the correct ride height. Where do I go on the forum to ask to buy springs and how do I know they are 6 cylinder?
    13. Scott Whitlock
      Scott Whitlock
      ok, just bought a 1973 scout, what is the reference to binder?
      1. Bill USN-1
        Bill USN-1
        IH is nick named corn binders for working in the fields. Shortened to Binders.
        Aug 22, 2015
      2. Scott Whitlock
        Scott Whitlock
        OK. THX.
        Aug 22, 2015
    14. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      LOL, maybe, your a real comic !
    15. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      was just on the M-1 garand site, seen you not a member ? why not ? " face book " ? jeff
    16. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      how can i look up my old posts ? thx- jeff
    17. Mr. Steelhead
      Mr. Steelhead
      Hi Bill, Damian from D&C Extreme told me I should touch bases with you.I have a 1973 Scout II that I last somebody work on it and it has never been the same. he put a Affordable Fuel injection system in my truck.It has been a horror truck is not running.I also have a hell roaring charging system with 2 batteries. I think i have a GMC alternator . What altrenator would be the best? Mean Green.I can't afford to have sombody work on my rigs,have to do it myself.I was a machinist for many years,I have a bridgeport and a nice tool room lathe in my garage.haven't got it set up hurt my back.i am new to this forum stuff.want to becoming invloved in helping. I also have a 1969 800 Scout with the half cab. I need to work on this my self also. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mr. Steelhead
    18. jr64r
      bill, thanks for your help with my injection! i got v6 chip set and with out even
      readjusting everything it all ready runs better! drop me an email at with your address and ill send you the v8 chipset i have for the help you gave me.
    19. quinng
      Hey Bill, thanks for all the write ups on the TBI! Mine runs better than ever since I converted over and I'll never buy another carb again! About the fuel lines to the TBI, I picked up 4 sets of the stainless braided lines and they all have the really hard bend coming out of the TBI on the return. What ones come out straight?
    20. mjdean
      Bill, What a great write up on rebuilding a spring pack. I just got my first scout II and doner scout II and am excited to get to work on it. I have been reading a lot about the SOA conversion as opposed to doing a new lift kit. I wondered if there were any write ups that you know of that are as good and as well illustrated as what you posted for the spring pack rebuild. Thanks. Micah
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