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  1. loudoun
    loudoun jtorre4272
    I am looking for a photo of where the transmission cooling lines go (I have a 77 w/ 345 auto). A forum member said you recently asked the same question and had some photos? Thanks!
  2. Travelall Curious
    Travelall Curious
    Loving my Wagonmaster 1110 4x4
  3. Jb9289
    Fuel Tank 1977 Scout ii disconnected line
    1. Jb9289
      How do I post a thread? Noob here
      Jun 19, 2017
  4. Jason keel
    Jason keel
    Looking for a new gas tank for my 76 Scout 2 , who has the best quality tanks online? I would prefer steel but they're double the price.
  5. kabuti
    kabuti patrick r
    Hi Patrick, tell me about t-34 tranny. I have 1 & might put in my '67 1200b 4x4 410 gearing. Thanks, Dan
  6. Rockwell67
    Rockwell67 MIKE GOODALL JR
    I have a T-19 Wide in Salem Oregon, its in good shape just pulled it because I swapped in a SM465.
  7. ernies_repair_55
    Traveling 'till July, no progress happening
  8. tdc
    Achievement is the crown of effort
  9. tdc
    of effort
  10. tdc
    Achievement is the crown
  11. Deano1
    Deano1 Bill USN-1
    I have a 1983 chevy 6.2 It ran good for awhile then one day I had it running and I could tell it was starving for fuel . Every time I open the top it gives fuel down a little jet in back right corner of ip. Then will run a little while again.
    1. Deano1
      The little jet has a small wire that go's thru the hole looks like a staple bent on each end. Does that belong?
      Jun 13, 2017
    2. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      I'm not sure what your referring to.
      Can you make a regular post in the tech forum and include a picture or two?
      Jun 14, 2017
  12. binderbird
    binderbird Monkeyplasm
    Still have the 8 Ih 345 exhaust valves for sale? call me at 316-308-0969
  13. cook181
  14. Donald V Turben
    Donald V Turben Erik Morton
    Erik could you tell me where to look up engine block number
    1. Erik Morton
      Erik Morton
      Personally I have never done it. There are a lot of threads here showing the location on the block where it is stamped. IIRC passenger side towards the front of the engine, perhaps near the fuel pump.
      Jun 12, 2017
  15. Donald V Turben
    Donald V Turben
    Can you tell where to look up the engine block numbers to identify the engine size
  16. scout2000
    scout2000 gwinter1129
    Rest in peace Greg. Myself, and a lot of others will miss you.
    MIKE GOODALL JR jeff campbell
    yes I'm very interested
  18. Matthew McHugh
    Matthew McHugh
    New Member with many questions.
  19. Zipagauta
    Zipagauta Keith F
    hi, i have a 74┬┤scout whit the same color as yours, can you send me some pictures of your car? i need suggestions to start a new paint job on my car
  20. James Ruth
    James Ruth TheScoutMaster
    Hi there, I love the color of your Scout. Can you tell me what paint and color code you used? Did you make your own fender flares? My son and I are restoring a 1976 Scoutn II and looking for paint ideas. Thx in advance!
    1. TheScoutMaster
      Don't Yell at Me Yellow from Monstaliner. Used an intercoat with gold pearl over the monstaliner, and then shot with high gloss clear. Fender flares are Bronco cuts outs ~2" from Wild Horses, using two sets of fronts. Had to cut quite a bit out of the fenders.
      Jun 12, 2017