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  1. Dans78Traveler
    Living in Abq, NM, and learning from ol' Roxanne.
  2. Scott H
  3. JacobT
    i like scouts
  4. Jesse Stewart
    Jesse Stewart
    GMC IH ... Stands for "Got Mechanic Coming .... Ina Hurry"
  5. Ozarks Ryan
    Ozarks Ryan
    Fixin' to get fixing
  6. Geoff
    Geoff Scout SS II
    Btw, I'm the guy that does a lot of the investigation on the 140/160 4x4's, including the facebook post with the FA50 axle measurements that someone linked in your post. Let me know if I can ever be of any help.
  7. Geoff
    Geoff Scout SS II
    Hello. You recently posted about some M13 locking hubs and was trying to ID what they fit. I'm not sure I can solve that at the moment, but I'm also doing some investigation on locking hubs. Would you mind sharing pics of the hubs you have? In the original post or send to me directly, would be fine. Thanks, Geof
  8. Mikes SSII
    Mikes SSII Tate810
    If you don't mind the personal question, how much were you asking? I have almost the same things in my shed only white and am considering letting them go. I don't want to offend people but original door frames and inserts can't be cheap. My 79 met an untimely demise a few years ago.
  9. Petra
  10. Petra
  11. Steve Kraemer
    Steve Kraemer
    I have an extra set of seat bases.
  12. Jeff W Parker
    Jeff W Parker Steve Kraemer
    Hi Steve, I saw your post on your Midas SS. I am restoring one now and would be interested in any left over parts you have, if any. Particularly seat bases or rear seat.
  13. RoyH
    RoyH Jeff Jamison
    Seat covers, not voters.
  14. RoyH
    RoyH Jeff Jamison
    Jeff, Need seat voters for my ‘66 Travelall. Hope you can help. Let me know. Thanks!
  15. Bill Bennett
    Bill Bennett Jeff Jamison
    Jeff, just for info, I will be putting our 68 Travelall up for sale. I am now 86 years old and after a botched eye operation, I can't see well enough to drive. No one in the family is interested in continuing dealing with old mechanical cars. My asking price will be $24,000. Kinda sad that we were never able to make a return trip to Ohio and the IH Nats.
  16. binders4ever
    moved to nine mile falls,wa. oct 2019
  17. Stan R
    Stan R Mike Moore
    Do you still restore scouts? I have a 1975 scout II that i would like to restoere? Trying to get an idea of the cost?
  18. Burke Limbach
    Burke Limbach Jeff Jamison
    Looking to have some seats reupholstered on my 79 scout II. I hear you’re the man to talk to. How do I get in touch?
  19. William Tyler Gassman
  20. Rogerhh
    Rogerhh scout2000
    I replaced an existing gas filter between pump and carb. .... I had finally gotten her to purr idle ..
    I am trying to replace the old metal filter with one that I could see the fuel flow ... I can see that the filter is not quite full of gas i.e. an air pocket exists but the tube in and out is below the gas line in the filter. Maybe I have to funnel the line full to the carb when I change filters?