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  1. gsiplumb
    Hey all. I recently rebuilt my alternator for my ‘80 deisel scout. Can anyone identify the posts on it?
  2. BJRoss
    BJRoss Bill USN-1
    Is the rear bumper the same as front bumper except for the holes?
  3. G-funk
    G-funk walkersscout
    Hi, Would you mind sending me the drawing for the clutch slave cylinder bracket you made? It looks really nice.
  4. BJRoss
    BJRoss Bill USN-1
    I want to put 35s on it. How should I work the lift? Currently there is a 4 inch suspension lift.
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      You can make them fit.
      The question is, are you willing to trim the fenders if needed?
      I run SOA with a 1.5 body lift and run 33's.
      I also moved the rear axle to center it in the opening.
      I run 15x10 wheels with centered offset.
      There is no one set answer to your question.
      It all depends on the wheels, tires, and lift.
      35x10.5 is a lot different than 35x15.5.
      Sep 11, 2019
  5. BJRoss
    BJRoss Bill USN-1
    Thanks for your fast response Bill. Next question; I sent the engine to Quinlin Automotive in Indy and the guy claims there is no stamping for size of engine; however, he found a stamping that is 151023R4 and he claims this tells him its a 345. Does this seem accurate?
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      can't answer casting numbers.
      There is normally the engine size cast into the bottom of the cylinder head.
      It will tell you the head size but it's possible someone put them on an early non IC 392.
      I would ask for a picture of the machined pad where it's normally stamped.
      Sep 10, 2019
    2. BJRoss
      Thanks again. One last question: If I have a 3 inch suspension lift would an additional 1 inch body lift give me enough room for 35s?

      Also, I served with 1st Medical Battalion out of Camp Pendleton. Had a Navy Commander. Good times
      Sep 10, 2019
    3. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      Doubt it.
      Sep 10, 2019
  6. BJRoss
    BJRoss Bill USN-1
    Good evening Bill. This is the first time I have used this so I am not sure if I am using this right but here goes. Completing a full rotisserie restoration on a 1973 Scout 2. Everything has been going really well until today when we realized we had a Dana 44 front axle with drum brakes which apparently doesn't have a conversion kit for disk brakes. What are my options?
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      Stock 75 and newer scout D44 front disc setup or the complete front axle.
      Sep 9, 2019
  7. Scotty Chapman
    Scotty Chapman
    Working on draining the old fuel in my 1980 scout terra. Hopefully this is the last step to getting it running well.
  8. freddie G
    freddie G
    Be the motor
  9. robeastunder
    robeastunder jeff campbell
    D series Travelall Roof Bows....the plastic ones i have a junk and broken from PO..have any?
    1. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      I think a few ??
      Aug 29, 2019
  10. robeastunder
    robeastunder nekbinders
    Any chance you have a Travelall rear quarter panel tank?

  11. i bleed red
    i bleed red Bill USN-1
    Hello Bill. I sent you a message earlier today about your hydraboost write up on the old binder bench. Turns out I didn't get all pages printed and was missing vital info but going through some build threads here I found what I needed. Thanks for all the tech info. Have a nice evening.
  12. Larry Sorrell
    Larry Sorrell Bill USN-1
    Bill, How can I find your Scout ll headliner information? Thanks.
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      Send me an email and I'll try to find it.
      JustIH seems to be down.
      Aug 17, 2019
  13. flipeazy
  14. Brad Kline
    Brad Kline
    1956 IH S100
  15. Joshua Woodmansee
    Joshua Woodmansee
    79" Scout II Arizona
  16. Jason78scout
    Jason78scout jtorre4272
    I need help with the in-line prebent brake lines need to mock up the junction valve/connector for the front brakes. Saw you had the exact same issue. I have the old proportioning vavle but somehow I lost or threw away that junction box/valve that’s tees off for both front brakes. Would you mind sending me links to what you bought so I can do the same? Much appreciated.
  17. thebanditscout
    might just throwdown some money on these newfangled e3 spark plugs...
  18. JWolfe
    Got new ( used ) top on, nice !
  19. 70800A
    Will start restoring and rehabbing the Scout soon!
  20. southFLscout
    in progress...