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  1. Larry Sorrell
    Larry Sorrell Bill USN-1
    Bill, How can I find your Scout ll headliner information? Thanks.
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      Send me an email and I'll try to find it.
      JustIH seems to be down.
      Aug 17, 2019 at 10:44 PM
  2. flipeazy
  3. Brad Kline
    Brad Kline
    1956 IH S100
  4. Joshua Woodmansee
    Joshua Woodmansee
    79" Scout II Arizona
  5. Jason78scout
    Jason78scout jtorre4272
    I need help with the in-line prebent brake lines need to mock up the junction valve/connector for the front brakes. Saw you had the exact same issue. I have the old proportioning vavle but somehow I lost or threw away that junction box/valve that’s tees off for both front brakes. Would you mind sending me links to what you bought so I can do the same? Much appreciated.
  6. thebanditscout
    might just throwdown some money on these newfangled e3 spark plugs...
  7. JWolfe
    Got new ( used ) top on, nice !
  8. 70800A
    Will start restoring and rehabbing the Scout soon!
  9. southFLscout
    in progress...
  10. southFLscout
    southFLscout 72soa
    100” wheel base
  11. Wombat
    Wombat walkersscout
    Ok Walker, I've read your build. First, amazing fab work, you are on another level. Second, I would love to receive the drawings for the bracket you created for using a scout II brake booster in the Scout 800. I have access to CAD software so if you have a solid model i can likely open it. Thanks!
  12. Hill Bearold
    Hill Bearold
    It's all easy if you're willing to try...repeatedly
  13. basic261
    I have been gone for awhile but Now I'm back.
  14. Adam 71
    Adam 71
    Scout II fiberglass cowl induction hood new 500
  15. Dromero65
    Dromero65 Dylan Wahl
    Hi Dylan - saw the post re travelalls. The 66, do you have a decent tailgate (just the outer ‘skin’ is all that i need)? Thanks, looking forward to your response, Dwayne.
  16. Adam 71
    Adam 71
    Scout II transmission 727 with manual valve body and transfer case good condition. Best cash offer
    1. Hill Bearold
      Hill Bearold
      What transmission & tcase is it? Any idea on mileage on them?
      Jul 23, 2019
  17. Adam 71
    Adam 71
    I have a Kentrol Scout II fiberglass body tub for sale, it’s never been installed on the frame. Best cash offer
  18. TomDubyu
    TomDubyu RangerDan
    Dan, I've been looking at your post where you replaced your truck bed and center body mounts, and i have a similar situation. right where the inner quarters, the B pillars, etc come together is bad on my truck. can you give me a little more detail on how you handled that? you must have cut the floor support out entirely before welding in the new mounts and then doing the trick with angle irons between them?
  19. ScoutTripp
    All original - original headliner, 152T intact, original seats and carpet (worn) hub caps, dash pad (cracked)
  20. ScoutTripp
    I'm new to the forum. I have a 1965 Scout 80 Champagne Edition. All original or at least I think so. I thought I could restore it. For sale