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  1. JonGSR
    Owns a 1958 B160 4x4
  2. bjornebraten
    bjornebraten J.J.
    Hi! Were told by jeff campbell that you maybe had a nice front grill for a d-pick up 73 mod?
  3. BillieGoat
    BillieGoat Brian Huver
    Hi B..i’m Ellen and I’m looking at the 73 WM you did the original restore on. I had a blast reading through your blog. I’m getting up to speed a bit on after she left you, trying to not let the running commentary on this vehicle dampen my does give me good thoughts to process. It will be for around town and lugging people,dogs,stuff around New England. Thoughts?
  4. BillieGoat
    BillieGoat Travelall Curious
    Hi Brian....I’m looking to purchase the 73 Brutus you sold to Mark over at Motoexotica. I’ve read through a bunch of your posts and videos, and the owner before you restore blog as well. I’m excited about this unique vehicle and was wondering if you had an insight for me. I hear you on the gas mileage dilemma. I’m going to use it as an around town daily driver, so what do you think?
  5. Jason G.
    Jason G.
    First time Scout owner- 1963 2WD. Anyone know if a T-13 tranny (per line setting sheet) could have actually been a T90E-1 from the factory?
  6. Shawn69nova
    Shawn69nova BinderBookie
    Im pretty sure the scout I'm headed to buy tomorrow is a red carpet. Is there any way to be certain? I've read about them and done some research and I'm pretty sure it's legit. If I give u the s/n can u tell me? Thanks so much
  7. Matt Auxier
    Matt Auxier
    Looking for Door assembly info or pics for a 800.
  8. Matt Auxier
    Matt Auxier
    Looking for details on door assembly for Scout 800.
  9. Kevin72
    Kevin72 Bill USN-1
    Thank you, I'll definitely start a build thread when the time comes.
  10. Kevin72
    Kevin72 Bill USN-1
    I'm going to be starting my build on a 72 scout soon and I need a little guidance. I have the frame and running gear from a 79. Would it be eiser to start with the bare frame and preform the reverse shackle, c&t and soa? Does that make sense or should I just preform everything I want to do on my complete 72 then tear down for paint.
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      The scout should be complete so you can put the weight on the axle to check angles before final welding.
      You can still read my write up comments.
      It may help to understand the process.
      It also may be better to email or msg or start a thread then to have a conversation on my profile page.
      Dec 30, 2018
  11. Kevin72
    Kevin72 Bill USN-1
    Thank you. That's too bad about the pictures.
  12. Kevin72
    Kevin72 Bill USN-1
    Is your soa write up still out there? It seems to be the one everyone recommends. The link I've tried several times from several different posts always says not found.
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      Dec 29, 2018
  13. tigwelder
    tigwelder Uncle Eddie
    who built box on the back? i have a box like it and been trying to figure out who built them. 73 4x4 1310 dually.
  14. Bill Bennett
    Bill Bennett Rjones
    There was never a mechanic in a can! I have used the Marvel oil for many years usually adding a 'paper cup' worth at each oil change. I also use the 10-40 semi-synthetic high mileage Valvoline oil. If you add a quart of MM oil, it might be worth considering going to the 20-50 oil while going through this 'cleaning' process.
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  15. CounterReset
    Living the Mile-High Dream
  16. Jim Harkins
    Jim Harkins I H 73
    do you know weather its a close or wide T-19 yet??
  17. AndyW
    I have a brand new Dana 60 Power-Lock 30 spline 4 series unit. Any idea on it's worth?
  18. doug michalowski
  19. doug michalowski
    doug michalowski Big Ed
    Hi Big Ed, I'm a newbie, just bought a 67 1300b. Struggling with the wheel issue. Want to get out of the 6x7.25 lockring rims. I can't locate any steel rim that will accommodate the large hub on the 1300. Any suggestions? I see trucks on here, like yours (awesome by the way) with steel rims. Thanks!!
  20. peterbozeman
    peterbozeman David Dixon
    Hi, David,
    I saw your diagram of the external block heater plumbing. Do you have a picture of where the heated water tube enters the driver's side of the block?
    Thank you,