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  1. kennyw
    kennyw jmeister
    I am interested in these seat covers, call me 316-655-9296
  2. PABST
    Passionate About Binder Scout Terra's
  3. JeffSColorado
    JeffSColorado Dromero65
    Hi Dwayne! This is Jeff Sgroi in Basalt. I ran into you July 4 at Cassie's. I've got the yellow '78 Scout II. I saw your posts here and believe you are a collector. If you come across any other Scouts or have something you are willing to part with, I'm interested in taking a look. My wife thinks I have some kind of disease but I consider it a healthy Scout addiction! My number is 618-6989 if you want to call. Thanks!
    1. Dromero65
      Hi Jeff! Absolutely, will do!! My wife says the same thing! I say that some hubbies collect girlfriends, we choose to collect Scouts. A much wiser and inexpensive choice, I might add. :)

      I am picking up a 1970 Travelall this upcoming weekend, coming out of CA. Its a good looking, well-kept rig. Gonna use it as a DD and logo'd rig for a while, should be fun!! I will show it to you soon!!
      Sep 19, 2018 at 3:13 PM
  4. joninva
    joninva J.J.
    Hey I wondered if you have a cab for a 74. Also looking for a bed & tailgate for a 70. The bed is going on a dually. I want to try and put dually fenders on it off a 80's dodge, and will need to trim the wheelwell opening. And looking for a winch bumper for the 1300 4x4 for a pto winch. Thanks, jon
  5. Curtisljones
    Curtisljones robeastunder
    Have 67 travelall curt 402 560 1874
  6. Phillip Simpson
    Phillip Simpson lev1a
    Hey I’d like to bring my 79 SII over to see about some floor and rocker panel work. Maybe a rear quarter replaced. What’s your lead time getting to a new project? I’m in Murfreesboro
  7. big steve
    big steve
    Rebuilding 1980 diesel scout
  8. DWAmmons
    DWAmmons puckm2
    Hey, I am about to start on my IH C-30 project and want to replace rotted wood frame with steel like you put in your post back in 2010. Any advice? Did you use 1.5" x 2" rectangular tube, some posts I have read suggest 1" square tube, any advice on how yours went? You can reply here if you have time or email me at
  9. Dodgers53
    Dodgers53 David Hinkle
    Hey I saw your post about front seats and wanted to see some pictures. The seats I have now are not great and I don't think original.

  10. Adrianna
    1975 International 150 pickup V-392
  11. toddiaty
    toddiaty Bill USN-1
    I'm going to assume you're a Navy guy with that handle. Good to talk to you. I'm a greenhorn that just joined the Planet and could use some help navigating the site. Would you be willing to help?
    1. Bill USN-1
      Bill USN-1
      I can try.
      Aug 29, 2018
  12. Peer Plaut
    Peer Plaut Randall Barringer
    I don't know if I am doing this correctly, but, this is the closest to a private message I can find on this forum. :) I am looking for 1966 drivers side rear quarter glass, and air filter cover. If I messaged incorrectly, I apologize. Thanks! ~P.
  13. Roy Donathen
    Roy Donathen jeff campbell
    Photo is hard to see top end of strip. Is it rusty or just dark photo?
    1. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      Roof slats.just dark
      Aug 22, 2018
    2. Roy Donathen
      Roy Donathen
      ok, not rusty, you have my zip. Could you estimate shipping? I'm leaving for work now so I won't be able to respond until 9 pm tonight.
      Aug 22, 2018
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  14. Roy Donathen
    Roy Donathen jeff campbell
    zip is 78028
    1. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      Fed ex $31.66.
      Aug 23, 2018
  15. sarookha
    Wrench therapy underway, on me, and maybe even on my trucks...
  16. sarookha
    Wrenchin' therapy underway, on me, and maybe even on the truck...
  17. DeepSoutBulldawg
    DeepSoutBulldawg Kbertsch
    Hey, I was admiring your Scout and noticed the headlights. I have a set very similar to them. I was just wondering if you had done anything special to wire them. I was able to wire the amber lights by splicing into my turn signals, but I don’t know what to do with the white halo lights. I have read that I may need to put in a new relay, but my ignorance keeps me from doing something that complex. Thanks!
  18. IdahoRyan
    IdahoRyan Kyle Dillehay
    Hey, sorry for the late reply on the roll cage, I didn’t see it until this morning. My number is 208.818.6939. Ryan
  19. desert_K6
    New owner of a 46' K-6 Long bed
  20. James Coley
    James Coley
    Our first Binder 1970 800 A 196 E.