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  1. Zachary Puckett
    Zachary Puckett
    as of 9 o clock this evening in cold as Texas i decided to begin the 1978 scout 2, 6bt 12 valve conversion........ wish me luck
  2. Jesse Tischauser
    Jesse Tischauser
    Looking For 59-60 Travelall Grill & Bumpers
  3. Tylor Robison
    Tylor Robison Rob Peterson
    Hey rob! i saw on an old old form post you set your valve gaps on and old BD240... wondering if i could get those numbers from ya, or if you know where i could find them, Thanks! family's working on one, thanks!
  4. Baja Midas
    Baja Midas chris san diego
    Hi Chris - I see that you sent me a message, (to Binder Brothers) but I am not able use that login anymore for some reason. I opened another one. You can me a message there, or email me at


  5. Sadiecat
  6. Abel Burke
    Abel Burke Bigdaddy1
    Hey I'm the guy that was asking about the axle swap for the big 6's. You mentioned you might have some to sell? Can I call you? Thanks
    My number is 626.618.5396. Appreciate your help!
  7. Genesee
    1969 IH 1200D
  8. SSII
    SSII Dave Ball
    Hi Dave
  9. Jason Morse
    Jason Morse
    HELP! PLZ.. I have a 69 800 A, just about all the Vacuum equip. is gone, looking for simplified diagrams, just want the engine running good.
  10. Wayne Hess
    Wayne Hess Bussy
    Do you know if the NP205 transfercase crossmember would fit NP202 transfercase? I have a 1970 1100D with a NP202 that I’m rebuilding and noticed my crossmember is cracked.
    Rather replace it than repairing it.
    1. Bussy
      I'm not sure but I bet there is someone on here that does know. JJ in TN probably does, or Dan Hayes. They both deal with these trucks a lot.
      Dec 31, 2017
  11. Paul66
    I saw in an old post that you may have parts for a T-4 transmission. If so, please let me know... I have a 66 1100a and whoever had it before me tried to rebuild the tranny with the wrong parts which essentially turned it into a crash box and ended up with damaged gears...
  12. Robert B
    Robert B js2515
    Can you share the name of the shop you had the problems with? I'm new to Roseburg and need some axle housing work done but don't want to go through this type of garbage. If not I totally understand - if that's the case could you at least tell me the town the shop is in? - thanks in advance
  13. Gibbst
    75 Scout II Restore/Mod Began 11/24/17
  14. Jack & Scott Whitlock
    Jack & Scott Whitlock
    in the home stretch...
  15. Richard T Davis Sr
    Richard T Davis Sr
    They call me Scoutman71 I have a 1971 COMANCHE Scout 800B with a 304 and 4sp
  16. ohio farmer
    ohio farmer
    1965 d1100 owner
  17. Wade Z
    Wade Z Jeff Jamison
    Thanks Jeff. The reason I ask is because I have a 75 scout. It drove OK with stock tires. I put on 33's and it started walking around on me. Then I had a shop replace the ball joints as I didn't have time. Now it is just plain dangerous to drive. .
    1. Wade Z
      Wade Z
      Where did you get the 1-3/4 sleeves? I only found 1-1/2 or less. I want to get this thing back to zero or positive camber.
      Dec 13, 2017
    we need a scout II hard top in good got any leads?
  19. Gibbst
    75 Scout II Restore/Mod Project began 11/24/17
  20. MWK72
    MWK72 Bill Kubran
    Take a look at EBay, See below for title.
    AXLE BOOT SET M-1-4 M-2-4 INTERNATIONAL WW2 4X4 USMC TRUCK military jeep G503